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For great service and very affordable prices on tire repair Naperville and replacement bring your vehicle to Cress Creek Automotive. We’re a neighborhood repair shop established in 1991 – visit us today at 25 S. IL-59 Aurora, IL 60504 and let our trained techs provide tire repair Naperville so you get back safely on the road without long delays and high prices. Call us at 630-355-5440 for an appointment or just stop in – we’re open every day at 8 a.m.!

Tire Repair Naperville – flat tires, leaking stems, punctured tires and slow leaks are all unpleasant occurrences that are part of car ownership. Fixing a flat tire can be risky and should be performed by an experienced professional to assure it’s done safely. If a tire is punctured but damage to the tire is relatively minor it can typically be repaired. However, if the puncture is larger than a quarter-inch or the sidewall of the tire is damaged, it will probably need to be replaced. After diagnosing your tires, we’ll discuss it with you and make a recommendation. Our repair service includes correct removal of the tire from the wheel, application of a sealant to the damaged area, and application of a liquid patch around the sealed area on the inner liner of the tire. Then the repaired tire is correctly remounted and our techs check and set tire pressure to meet your vehicle’s recommended specs.

Tire Replacement – We recommend that your vehicle’s tires should be thoroughly inspected once per year – especially if the tires are older than five years. Our service techs will look for factors like uneven tread wear, damaged valve caps, worn, shallow treads, and objects like rocks or nails that impact tire performance. Be sure to let us know if your vehicle feels like it’s vibrating when you’re on the road or it just doesn’t seem to be riding as smoothly as it ought to be. If tire wear and tread depth is substantial – or obviously if the tire is punctured beyond repair – we’ll recommend replacement. With our prompt service, great selection and competitive prices, buying tires has never been easier!

Snow Tires – When it comes to your vehicle you need a quality winter performance tire that provides responsive handling and reliable traction during icy, slick road conditions. Let us know what kind of vehicle you drive, and we can recommend a selection of snow tires 
that are compatible. We’ll provide you price and warranty information so you can select a snow tire that fits your needs.

For all your car, SUV, RV and truck tire repair and tire replacement needs – visit Cress Creek Automotive in Naperville – we’re your neighborhood repair shop!

Cress Creek for all your next new tires and tire repairs!
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