Snowblower Repair Naperville IL

Snowblowers – The Basics

A snowblower relies upon a rotating auger that directs snow into a discharger chute, where it’s then thrown off to the side and clear of your pathway. Convenient and relatively easy to use, Snowblower Repair Naperville IL are manufactured in either single or two stage. Single stage blowers are equipped with a single auger, while two stage blowers have a primary auger, plus another rotating auger – also called an impeller – that’s located in the discharge chute. This second auger helps push the snow out of the chute faster and throw it out to a greater distance. Snowblowers are either gas-powered or electric. The electric models are started by a push button, while gas-powered are started by recoil. Once a snowblower is started, the operator engages the engine with a drive lever if it’s a two stage unit, or simply pushes the unit forward at their own pace if it’s a single stage.

Just like any other type of powerful equipment with moving parts, a snowblower can be hazardous if not operated properly. Be sure to read the operator’s manual before using your snowblower. Do not allow children to operate it, or anyone who has not received instruction. Also, do not wear loose clothing or shoes that do not have sufficient traction while operating your snowblower.

Ready for winter? Bring in your snowblower to Cress Creek for a tune up! All makes and models.

Residents of Naperville and the Chicagoland suburbs are no doubt well aware of how unpredictable our winter weather can be – even with the best efforts and warnings from our local weather forecasters. The skies can appear clear and quiet during the evening only to unleash a snowfall that covers your driveway by morning! That’s why it’s essential that your Snowblower Repair Naperville IL is well-maintained and ready for use this winter. At Cress Creek Automotive, we’re your local source for expert Snowblower Repair Naperville IL – we’ll tune up your machine so you’re ready to clear your driveway or sidewalk at any time this winter season! Call us at 630-355-5440 .

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