Riding Lawnmower Repair

At Cress Creek Automotive , customers can rely on us for more than just expert service for their cars, trucks and SUVs. Our experienced service techs are also ready with quality Riding Lawnmower Repair Naperville IL! Whichever make or model mower you happen to own – Husqvarna, Bolens, John Deere, Honda, Snapper, Toro and more – we will perform a tuneup and make whatever repairs are needed to get it back to good operating condition. Simply bring in your mower to our shop at 25 S. IL-59 Aurora, IL 60504 – our service department is open every day – that’s Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To set an appointment or learn more about our Riding Lawnmower Repair Naperville IL services, call Cress Creek at 630-355-5440 .

While using a riding mower reduces the time it takes to care for your lawn, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the machine to be sure of safe operation. After all, since riding units move so much faster than conventional push mowers, an injury can happen suddenly if the operator becomes distracted for just a second or two.

Prior to operating your riding mower, familiarize yourself with the machine and read through the owner’s manual. Be certain that you know how to stop the riding mower engine quickly, and wear long pants, eye protection, and durable footwear that covers your toes. Fill the gas tank only when the engine is cold, and always refrain from smoking near the mower. During operation on uneven sections of your yard, use caution and try to avoid abrupt turns or stops to prevent tipping over. Do not jump off a riding mower while the engine is running. Always practice correct shutdown procedures when you’re finished and clean out excess grass, dirt or leaves that collects underneath the unit.

When you visit Cress Creek for our Riding Lawnmower Repair Naperville IL services, you can rest assured that your mower will perform reliably throughout the lawn care season!

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