Leaf Blower Repair Near Naperville IL

With Spring approaching it will soon be time to clear the old leaves and brush that has collected in your yard and around the perimeter of your home soon. To complete that task successfully you’ll need a leaf blower in good working condition! Bring yours into Cress Creek Automotive on 25 S. IL-59 in Aurora IL. for Leaf Blower Repair Naperville IL.

Leaf Blower Basics – Cress Creek Small Engine

A leaf blower is a machine powered by an electric or gasoline engine. It simply directs a flow of air out of a nozzle, making it ideal for clearing away yard debris like leaves, grass, small branches and dirt. Leaf blowers are available in several forms: backpack, handheld, electric, walk behind, or gas powered. Regardless of which type, leaf blowers basically consist of a housing, tubes, an engine and fan.

For operation, the blower’s engine is started up to direct power to the fan. Controlled by a throttle trigger, the fan pulls air inward through the side of the housing and then directs it outward through the tubes. To keep your leaf blower in good condition so it’s ready to clean your yard, keep its air filter clear. It’s also recommended that you clean the surfaces of the machine and be sure to 
check the throttle lock and trigger function so it can function safely. Also, confirm that the stop switch functions correctly, and 
that all screws are sufficiently tight. Additional steps you can take to ensure good performance include flushing old gas from the engine monthly, and cleaning the fan blades.

If you are following these basic practices but your leaf blower is still not starting or performing as it should, our techs can fix it for you. Along with Leaf Blower Repair Naperville IL, depend on Cress Creek for all your small engine repair needs. We service lawnmowers, pressure washers, generators, chainsaws, wood chippers and more.

Leaf Blower Repair Naperville IL and small engine solutions at Cress Creek Automotive.
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