Generator Repair Naperville IL

A portable or home standby generator is a very convenient appliance to have in the event of a power failure. With a generator, you can keep your lights, refrigerator, internet, entertainment and other major electrical components running without disruption. If you have one but it is not working don’t hesitate to bring it in to Cress Creek for Generator Repair Naperville IL. Whichever brand it may be, our service techs can restore it and get it working again so you will not have to worry about being unprepared the next time a power failure occurs.

A local repair shop, Cress Creek Automotive is located at 25 S. IL-59 Aurora, IL 60504. To make an appointment call us at 630-355-5440 or just bring your generator in during business hours. Cress Creek’s hours are Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 5 pm.

Generators are available in various different electrical and physical designs for use in an assortment of different applications. Basically, a generator is comprised of a few basic components, starting with the engine. The engine is the source of the input of energy for the unit. Generator engines, depending on the type, operate on a variety of different fuels like propane, gasoline, solar or diesel. The alternator is what actually produces electricity from the mechanical input coming through the engine. Other major parts include the voltage regulator, cooling and exhaust system, lubricating system, battery charger, control panel and the main assembly. If your generator is not working correctly, we will diagnose the problem and proceed with repairs at rates that are always competitive!

In addition to Generator Repair Naperville IL we also provide service for a wide range of small engine appliances and equipment. We can fix your lawnmower, leaf blower, pressure washer, wood chipper, edger, chainsaw and more! Reach Cress Creek Automotive at 630-355-5440 .

Cress Creek for Generator Repair Naperville IL and small engine solutions!
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