Chainsaw Repair Near Naperville IL

Keep your chainsaws ready for service with maintenance by Cress Creek Automotive in Naperville. If your chainsaw is jammed up, will not start, or the saw simply needs sharpening, our team will have it back in action for promptly. For a Chainsaw Repair Naperville IL service appointment call our shop at 630-355-5440 . Or, just bring your chainsaw and other small engine appliances in during business hours at 25 S. IL-59 Aurora IL. We are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm and Saturdays 8 am to 12 pm.

Chainsaw Basics – Cress Creek Small Engine Repairs

A chainsaw has two major parts: the first is a saw blade that is built into a chain and wrapped around a metal guide bar. The second main part is a single cylinder engine. The chain is similar to the chain on a bicycle except it features around 30 sharpened “teeth” spaced at intervals. As a piston moves up and down inside the engine, a connecting rod turns a crankshaft that is connected to gears and – through a clutch – causes the chain to move around the metal guiding bar. While chainsaw engines run nonstop while in use, the clutch allows the operator to disengage the chain from moving when in idle speed.

Light and simple to use, most chainsaws have a fuel tank that holds only about one pint of gas. Because the fine dust that results from cutting through wood can collect inside the saw’s mechanism and mix in with the lubricating oil, it’s necessary to clean the device regularly.

In addition to our Chainsaw Repair Naperville IL, we also fix other small engine equipment like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, edgers, wood chippers, generators and pressure washers. Cress Creek Automotive – we’re your neighbor repair shop!

Chainsaw Repair Naperville IL by the small engine techs at Cress Creek!
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